Blog aims

Dear memory,

You are crap. Why do you let me leave the house without a tie? Why do you let me omit the “o” in ingenious, causing me to look like a misspelling fool? Why do… never mind, it’s gone.

This is what I want to do with the new blog:

1. Write on it more often
2. Copy some good bits of the old blog across so I can delete it without feeling nostalgic
3. Er… never mind

Don’t forget this stuff – it’s important!

Yours sincerely,



Dear Chris,

You have now written two boring posts that no-one other than you will want to read. That is not ingenius.

Yours truly,

Your memory


One thought on “Blog aims

  1. Blog aims update:

    Apparently you can just copy across your whole blog, so that is a job saved.

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