Past glories

Recently, I re-read my old blog from day one up to the present day. I really enjoyed it, and was left thinking how amusing I was.

More recently (i.e. five minutes ago) I started doing a similar thing, with the aim of copying across some of my gems for posterity. I was dismayed to find out that they were all utter crap, and I am neither funny nor insightful. This was disappointing for me.

Many thanks to those who didn’t point it out at the time, as I would have found it upsetting.


9 thoughts on “Past glories

  1. When I went back to Blogger, I had to transfer loads of posts over from my WordPress blog and found myself getting more and more embarrassed by the guff I write. Gawd, I write a lot about cats!

    Did you transfer everything over (I’ve not had a good rummage around yet)? Anyway, very happy to discover you blogging again.

  2. I have indeed tranferred something like 196 posts and 1806 comments over.

    Not manually!

    Then I deleted the spam ones, which gave me much pleasure.

  3. Good god Chris, how many times have you moved your own personal home on the net now?

    (And whilst we’re on the topic, is this your first or second ‘net home? Have you flipped at any point (other than at the spam?)? Also, can you nest parentheses inside each other like I just did?)

  4. I know, but you’ve got to keep on the move you know.

    You can follow my chequered blog history from its origins at This was my second attempt at blogging, as my first failed as I didn’t have a computer at home, and blogging entirely at work proved… challenging!

    What are you referring to?

    (And I like nested parentheses as I am a mathsy person, but I don’t know if they are technically correct in English (or other (foreign) languages) (it’s probably best not to make it too complicated though! (See?)).

  5. I thought they were square brackets, so called because they are square and brackets.

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