Vote time

Local elections tomorrow. Need to decide who to vote for… not much time left!

Can’t vote for the Tories obviously.

Then I stumbled upon “Austerity for who?” at the Labour website… now I would have thought that it would be “Austerity for whom?” but surely I can’t be right, as they must, must have had it checked?

So I can’t vote for them… as they have made me feel stupid. And they are all crooks.

Could vote for the liber… liberal demo… demosomethings. Does anyone know anything about them?

Greens? Bit extreme?

I guess I’ll just put a big cross next to the BNP to make sure they don’t get in.


5 thoughts on “Vote time

  1. E__OPE.

    Who’s missing, Walesy… UR!

    There were a bewildering variety of candidates for the European elections weren’t there? Some parties I actually hadn’t heard of, and some that I had heard of that I thought were allowed to advertise themselves a little unfairly on the ballot paper. The BNP being a classic example, sitting right at the top – “BNP – a vote for democracy” or something… not sure this adequately summarises their policies!

    Never mind, that’s the point of a democracy (demotwatcy?) – you have to rely on people to do their homework and “vote right” don’t you?!

    And as for you S&C… I can’t spoon-feed you, you know…! I left a comment directing you here… I thought you would take greater pleasure in working it out for yourself!

  2. “I thought you would take greater pleasure in working it out for yourself!”

    Pah. It’s a good thing you’re married already as you clearly don’t know much about women.

    ; )

    You might have left a comment, but it didn’t say anything about you moving blogs, I am sure.

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