Aladdin 2

RJ: “Did you know that the world record for eating jaffa cakes is four in a minute?”
Chris: [predictably] “I could do that!”
[one minute and five jaffas later]
Chris: “Wow, I actually could do that.”

Either the world record is not four in a minute (likely) or I AM THE CHAMPION.


11 thoughts on “Aladdin 2

  1. Haha, well done! I really want to try and beat your record but we only have custard creams in the house and that would be a) cheating b) not as enjoyable.

    Could you have managed six?

  2. Pom,

    With practice… I am confident.


    [drum roll] … Aladdin 2: The Return of Jaffa.

    * can I call you this for short?

  3. S&C,

    My apologies.


    Ah yes, but see how I have you all convinced that Chrlog is a suitable shortening of Chris’s weblog.

    Give it time… it will catch on. “Go on, pass us an Aladdin 2” etc

    * Walesy, perhaps I can call you this?

  4. That would make my Cinderella 2.

    Indeed I would swell with Lion King 2.

    Etc, etc.

  5. I have been chortling for the last minute on Aladdin 2!!!! Very witty indeed! BTW, I am quite sure I could beat your 5 Aladdin2s, 5 doesn’t seem that many!!!
    Now can you explain the Cinderella 2 & the Lion King 2? (Pride???)

  6. Well Anonymous,

    Cinderella 2: Dreams Come True.
    Lion King 2: Simba’s Pride.

    Honestly, can no-one else use Google?!

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