All requests Monday

This is the 199th post on this blog (go on, count them).

So I thought to shake things up a little I would ask what you wanted the 200th post to be about. Since it is such a milestone and all.

Go mad, don’t hold back etc.*

Closing date is… hmmm… 10th June.


* really, don’t. If I don’t like it I’ll just delete it and pretend it wasn’t there… what, you think this is some kind of democracy?


16 thoughts on “All requests Monday

  1. I would like you to do a post entitled “Why I like Cap’n Ric so much”.

  2. Truly, that would be the greatest work of fiction ever penned in the English language!

  3. I like the first suggestion! I have never properly understood the English, and you would be the perfect person to explain everything. In the world. Ever.

    Either that, or you could blog about Jelly Babies.

  4. I have just noticed that Steph/ven is suggesting that I don’t like the good Cap’n, which is not true (if you were wondering).

    He distracted me with, his unusual comma.

  5. Wait so it’s not acceptable to put commas where you would pause if speaking? I always thought that was one of their uses.

    I didn’t put any commas in this comment just in case.

  6. As far as I am aware, the whole “comma for a pause” myth is a nonsense, yes. They are for separating off clauses and for parenthetical phrases… there are those damned parentheses again!

    And for lists of course. (Don’t get me started on the Oxford comma!)

    And for other things I am sure.

    Often, a pause in speech will occur at these points which is why you can use it as a guide, but it is not the rule.

    CAVEAT: I am terrible at commas and misuse them with great regularity and enjoyment. So all of the above may be incorrect. I will be quite happy to be corrected should anyone know better.

  7. Well we have a winner… with three votes… although they are all from one person and one of them was after the deadline.

    Ah well.

    I will also do the second place (or, if you like “the rightful winner”), so have patience!

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