Good/bad weekend

I sang at the Royal Albert Hall this weekend. John Rutter was conducting. It was very exciting.

So did lots of other people so it wasn’t really anything special.

I sang quite well.

The bloke behind me wasn’t so good.

Really bad
This is because he had “had flu for a few days but [he] really wanted to come”.

He looked in a bad way, sweating and heaving. What an absolute divvy. So far I am symptom-free. I will keep you up to date.


6 thoughts on “Good/bad weekend

  1. Hopefully he did not have pig flu and infect everyone else!

    And who says you can move without telling me????

  2. I do as I please! And you can talk, “M”, if that is your real name!

    S&C, yup.

  3. Ah. Oh dear. I hope you will be ok. I spotted some tamiflu capsules in the drug cabinet the other day at work but I don’t think stealing them would impress my bosses. Sorry. On a brighter note though, if you get it I might count as an indirect contact” and be allowed time off work…

  4. Chris,

    Please don’t die. I would hate to think all the time I spent reading your blog had gone to waste.


  5. Welsh,

    A fine “indirect contact” you are if you won’t even steal me any drugs. Pfft.


    Worry not, the blog will remain as a lasting testament to my genius. I will live on forever in your hearts and minds. Failing that, I will return and ghost-write it.

    That is what that means, right?

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