Chicken supreme

Did anyone know that Britain has a new Supreme Court?

It has not had that much coverage.

The Grauniad spent much time discussing the toilets, and the carpets have also been the recipients of a surprising number of column inches. Likewise, the address and email address. Less so, the constitutional impact it may have.

Those articles that did go into more depth all seemed to repeat the same quotes from a couple of ex-Law Lords which makes me wonder whether people just don’t understand what is going on. This is more palatable to me than the possibility that people just don’t care.

Anyway, how’ve you been?


9 thoughts on “Chicken supreme

  1. Oh dear God, it sounds like the British media have been taking lessons from the American media. “Let’s all focus on the most ridiculously trivial matters so we don’t all off ourselves because the actual news is so depressing.”

  2. So, the swine flu didn’t get you, then? I was all poised to launch a dramatic blog takeover, only to find that comments automatically get closed after X weeks on wordpress!

    Sadly, I don’t think people would care what’s going on, even if they knew.

  3. Sod,

    I think the British media have been taking hints from the US media for a long time.

    If you don’t agree with me, press the red button on your remote.

    Anyway, I must get back to finding out who is the bigger halfwit, Jordan or Peter.*


    It was a close one, but I emerge unscathed, ready to fight the next wave.

    Maybe people will care once the Supremes are declaring legislature unconstitutional (cf American supreme court in, er… 1806 or something, and the Israelis in 1995).

    Or perhaps they still won’t.

    * I really, really hope you don’t know what I’m talking about.

  4. And of course you all know each other, I forgot!

    Is “Mysterious Girl” actually about you? This would be a real claim to sh/fame.

  5. Sod,

    Do I feel an original draft brewing?!


    You are quite right. And everyone else (including allegedly serious newspapers) have been quoting the same… er, quotes… from R4’s programming (the fag packet one mainly seems to get attention) and have shown little evidence of any understanding!

  6. You’re back! I missed your witicisms!!!!
    I am sick of seeing the Katie Peter things anytime I go near the magazine/newspaper rack in Tescos!

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