Spiced ham

In the olden days of blogging, I used to get spam comments. They mainly involved a massive wall of text with all kinds of words in, presumably to register on search engines. Like so:

Barbie x-factor barack obama football call of duty 4 porn computers strictly come dancing east fife david beckham maltesers how to meet women wordpress daily mail

… that kind of thing.

These days, I have a new type of comment which pretend to be a person. They typically say “Hey! I just found your blog. Unlike every other blog out there, you seem to have real charm and intelligence. I’ll be checking back here regularly!”

What is going on? There is presumably a sinister conspiracy of sorts, but alas I only have time to draw your attention to it, not specify exactly how liberal whiners are trying to take over the world.

Maybe someone will enlighten us in the comments.


3 thoughts on “Spiced ham

  1. I’ve had a few of those, though not recently. Usually, they ended with an entreaty to visit the originators own blog.

  2. Cheeky monkeys.

    There are links in the “website” box, but I don’t dare click in case it is horrific p0rn0graphy.

    I had a few Chinese ones a while back, but that stopped when I left blogger.

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