Welsh, TWOC, curry

Life has been somewhat busy of late, as life tends to be. Happy Christmas or other appropriate religious holiday to those that still care about such things in mid-January, and happy new year for those that ditto.

One of the sad things about wordpress is that it shuts down comments after a few days so I have been spared the ego-massaging barrage of comments screaming that the internet is not the same without me, etc, etc. Either that or some Scottish pirate-impersonating fool trying to launch a takeover.

But, anyway, let’s assume you have all been hollering for my return and say no more about it.

Highlights of recent weeks have been:

1. Getting my boss to acknowledge that I am basically doing three full-time jobs concurrently. (Although not getting a commensurate pay rise, sadly.)

2. Having le Welsh (who seems to think that “welsh” is to do with not paying your debts rather than a delicious cheese-based snack) and her husband, TWOC (not to do with catheters or stealing cars) for dinner. In an ironic twist to expose the fact that she is so shockingly ill-informed about other cultures (see her own recent blog post) I made a curry. Sadly she didn’t seem to notice this ingenious and subtle dig, and in fact just ate it. I had to introduce the topic myself later, which was significantly less subtle and ingenious. Also it turned out to not be her fault, which was very disappointing. I also ruined the dessert, oh well.

3. Making a NY resolution to write more here, and then immediately ignoring it. I think the problem I have is that I have no strong theme. Stephen, whose blog I admire very much, is very well structured in his writing, with a set of goals, reports on his piping progress and a review of every single recipe (except bizarrely those involving those pescy fish) in a cook book. Maybe I need a theme, beyond the current one of changing the world through a set of cunningly crafted bon mots, natch.

So, how have you all been? Feel free to leave suggestions as to a theme in the comments, if anyone is still reading! If I don’t get any good ones I might have to resort to copying my world-changing facebook status updates into this blog, and then we’ll see how quickly I can drive reader numbers down below 1!


7 thoughts on “Welsh, TWOC, curry

  1. Tart without cart: I like it.
    Apologies for not noticing the curry/Asian jibe thing. I just thought it was because you knew we like curry, not that you were deliberately trying to humiliate your guests. Interesting.
    And the dessert was lovely! Perhaps it could be served in very smalled portions on top of a shortbread biscuit in future. Perhaps with a spoon of lemon sorbet or similar. See, I have thought about this… 🙂

  2. “Sadly she didn’t seem to notice this ingenious and subtle dig, and in fact just ate it. I had to introduce the topic myself later, which was significantly less subtle and ingenious.”

    This is why I will leave you on my blogroll no matter how terribly neglectful you are. Consider yourself hollered at to return, sir.

    ; )

  3. Le Welsh, I would never cook someone something because they LIKED it, it would go against my whole character.

    Humiliating guests, however, sounds much more like me.

    Also lemon sorbet sounds promising. I had settled on a bitter cherry granita myself, with a sesame tuille. But your way is good too!

    And Sod, thanks very much. Hey, look, I spelt “ingenious” right too! Score!

  4. Oh gosh, sorry to comment super-nerdily, but WordPress shouldn’t automatically close your comments after however many days. There must be somewhere you can fiddle with that setting. As far as I know, my comments are left open for ever.

  5. Never apologise for commenting super-nerdily.

    That is interesting… I wonder if I chose it at the start? For some reason that seemed good at the time… possibly to encourage me to post more often.

    Hello by the way. Clearly your low-key party has taken some recovering from?!

  6. Welcome back oh amusing one! I always enjoy your mockery of people! Happy Anniversary too! No ideas as yet for theme- sorry!

  7. Thanks Kezzie. Don’t worry about not having an idea. I’m not actually looking for them; after all, if RJ sees an idea that I was actually going to use then I can’t use it can I? And I have to think of something else…

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