Love never dies

No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no!!!

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11 thoughts on “Love never dies

  1. Everybody’s got AIDS! Your mother and your sister and your brother, AIDS! AIDS AIDS AIDS AIDS AIDS AIDS AIDS!

  2. I had heard the “no no no no no no…!” view already but I am not sure about the AIDS bit…
    To be honest, I probably could have predicted the no no no no thing before anyone actually went to see it. Not that I do not, of course, adore Lord ALM. Not at all. Oh no. No no. No.

  3. A few things to clear up.

    Just in case anyone is wondering, the above Chris is not me.

    It is the other one.

    He is quoting from Team America: World Police if I am correct. This segment is a particularly accurate parody of famous Broadway musical “Rent”.

    “Love never dies” is the sequel to “Phantom of the Opera”.

    Have you not heard of ALMs for the poor? I assume Lord ALM is connected.

    Or maybe it is Andrew Lloyd Mebber?

    I actually think he is possibly underrated. But not on this occasion.

    I may write more on this topic now I have calmed down.

  4. Aha!

    Sadly not.

    Did anyone hear whether the Spider-man musical got off the ground?!

  5. It was bound to happen eventually. You are correct in your surmises, Other Chris.

    Incidentally, I always thought it was actually “ALM’s for the poor”. Though this might require a reduction in ticket prices.

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