Update: October 2010

Hello all.

Abridged highlights since I last spoke to you:

1. I have relented somewhat on my opinion of Love Never Dies. It is okay. But not as good as the splendid Kristina fran Duvemala. Buy that. Go do it now, quick quick. I’ll wait.

Are you back?

2. There is no good new comedy on television at the moment. I am thinking of writing a sit com. I am, however, stuck for the “situation” in situation comedy. Feel free to suggest in the comments. If any of you are still reading. It also occurs to me that some of you may still be searching for Kristina fran Duvemala. Don’t buy it in Swedish. Although it is still good. Buy it in English. Try searching for “Kristina”. It was recorded at Carnegie Hall.

It has Russell Watson in it. He’s quite good.

3. I went on holiday for a week or so. To Dorset. It was nice, and sunny, which was handy as we were in a tent. Chesil Beach was a massive disappointment as (a) it was really bloody expensive to park and the tourist information claimed they couldn’t exchange my £5 note necessitating a pointless purchase of Diet Coke, and (b) because it wasn’t even a beach! The decreasing size of pebbles was interesting, however.

Sadly, I left the post as a draft here for about 5 weeks. The last sentence I had written was “The strangest thing about Dorset that most people have no idea about is…” but I must have then been called away to run an errand or something. Sadly, I now have no idea what most people don’t know about Dorset. Suggestions again gratefully received in the comments – I would hate for some gem to be lost to humanity just because I had to take out the bins.

4. I have taken up running. Kind of. This means occasionally I go out for a jog. Surprisingly, although I have only lost 5kg I have reduced my trouser waist band size by 4″. This was quite disconcerting, I didn’t realise I had that much to lose! So it must be doing me some good. So, I jog around, cursing fate (and Juliet, whose idea it was).

This culminated (for now!) in me running in my first ever 10km race at the end of September, although it is usually pointed out sagely that you aren’t really competing with others but with yourself (man). My time was 64 minutes, which was a bit annoying as I wanted less than 1 hour. It is definitely doable though – I didn’t start my sprint finish early enough and probably didn’t go hard enough on the horrible hill that was the entirety of the seventh kilometre. But these things come with practice. It was a lot more fun than I thought it would be.

5. Newsflash! Blogging isn’t a complete waste of time

In a hilarious and ridiculous turn of events, I have taken on the running of the local section of an organisation that I’m involved in (this sounds a bit more cloak-and-dagger than it probably needs to, but it’s not important who it is, and it’s probably best they don’t find thechrlog as I occasionally swear and say inflammatory things about Americans/Christianity) and although I was nervous to take on something I was so clearly unable to do, I was pleased to note how familiar it was – they essentially use the same interface as a blog. By this I mean a pre-defined style sheet with some scope for customisation through html etc.

This is probably more of a reflection of how stuck in the nineties this organisation is rather than of the incredible currentness of the software at blogger and wordpress, but still. I’m going to use this as justification for carrying on with some of the other pointless hobbies I have.

So, yes, blogging not a waste of time. Obviously I never doubted it for a second.

6. I’m having a baby. I was finding this rather difficult by myself, so I enlisted the help of RJ and it went much more smoothly. We’re having a girl. RJ likes to think this means that they (girls) will outnumber me. But she has not accounted for the fact that every time she is pooed on by the baby I will ring a small bell and feed her (the baby) a chocolate biscuit. The combination of Pavlovian response and positive conditioning should mean although I am technically outnumbered, I am never outgunned as long as I have a bell.

Mental note: don’t go to see any Morris dancing.

7. So, anyway, I will probably not blog again for another 7 months. My advice for those yearning for more Chrloggy pearls of wisdom is to eke this admitted overlong post out over a couple of days. Maybe read it a paragraph at a time. On second thoughts, maybe I should have put this at the top.

What have you all been up to?


6 thoughts on “Update: October 2010

  1. Chris, you know how you were horrified to discover that we only found out about the upcoming wedding on your blog…?

    Anyway, congratulations!

  2. I know, which is why I waited a good while before telling you about the running… I mean baby.

    I am hoping this is a joke as other members of your family definitely know (in the interests of web anonymity I will call them Lee and Eileen).

    Anyway… Thanks very much!

  3. I knew! Sorry Steph/ven.

    I had a wonderful idea for a sitcom the other day – I have, however, completely forgotten what it was. Perhaps it will come back to me.

    Russell Watson is not good, and I’m disappointed that you think that he is.

  4. Yes, sorry Stephen.

    Richard – minus five brother points!

    Russell is good in this. I hope you have at least listened to it before making such a rash statement!

  5. Bah – he’s almost as bad as that Jenkins woman!
    My beef with both of them is the same – on a recording they can both sound very good; not so much live.
    On the other hand, devil’s advocate-like supporting your point, I do have a very good CD of Jenkins; sounding good on a recording at least does mean that you sound good on a recording, if you catch my drift?

    • Absolutely. As a point of reference, I sound dreadful on a recording.

      This CD is a (possibly enhanced post-production) live recording.

      Not sure what this does to your almost-argument…

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