Some thoughts on personal hygiene

Have you noticed that they have started doing deodorant that keeps you smelling nice(r) for 48 hours?

I am quite OCD about cleanliness and am almost unable to leave the house unless I have showered. (I have learned, under the tutelage of my wife, to forego showering if we are, for example, going to the gym.) I am pretty certain that my shower fame has travelled, and this is why people call me a “douche”. What friendly people the French are.

I can’t imagine I will ever go 48 hours without showering or reapplying deodorant. I wonder who it is aimed at?

I’ll be honest and say I think it is a bit disgusting if that is what you are relying on.

Also, surely it cannot be good for your pores to have them blocked up all the time? Presumably most people will be topping themselves up every 24 hours. What will happen to their sweat? Will they swell up and explode?



I was chatting to my mum the other day. She retired a few years ago and has more spare time now than she used to. She was bemoaning the fact that now she is older she struggles to clean as thoroughly, because she forgets where she has already cleaned. This is because (a) her memory isn’t as good and (b) she does it more regularly and so it is essentially clean before she starts. We don’t have this problem as the line between clean and unclean is where the piles of dead spiders stop.

RJ makes me get up at 6am these days and it does me no good. As a result, I’m not exactly on top of my game when it comes to shaving. I use shaving foam to avoid the same problem my mum has. This way, although I don’t really like the horrible stuff, I know where I have shaved and I can avoid going to work with half a moustache.


2 thoughts on “Some thoughts on personal hygiene

  1. That’s quite handy as a racial trait.

    Although the concommitant lack of alcohol tolerance could be an issue.

    I also heard that the term “oriental” was offensive and the new preferred term was “asian american”*. But clearly on a moment’s thought, this can’t apply in Canadia.

    Let me know how things stand.

    * Although now I think of it, this pearl of wisdom comes from Avenue Q (if you are familiar with it?) and is probably best not relied upon. I will research further.

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