Can you help me find a poem or two?

I am on the hunt for poems. Two to be exact.

I would like one to be about “denial” and one to be about “acceptance”.

The exact subject matter is not massively important, although if they could be about someone/thing dying you get extra points as it is Hallowe’en (ish). They should genuinely be about their alleged theme though; I can’t count the number of denial poems that I have read that seem to be about something different… ah but that is the joy of poetry of course!

Not to mention “Denial” by Sugababes, which was only half-written in a language I could understand (curse you, old age!) or “Denial” by another band I forget the name of, which seemed a thinly-veiled diatribe in which the lead singer tells a “bitch” to “shut up”… confusing!

Can any of you help?

Damn, I wish I had kept my updates more regular so I still had some readers…!


3 thoughts on “Can you help me find a poem or two?

  1. Crikey, the Chrlog has gone a bit upmarket… your new logo reminds me of Red Dwarf!

    Try “A Denial” by Elizabeth Browning.

  2. Oh, we’re still here, don’t you fret about that!

    p.s. totally agree re: the red dwarf look. Like it 🙂

    p.p.s. Will think about the poems for you. Unfortunately, the only one i can remember is ‘remember me’ by Christina Rosetti which possibly may be about acceptance of grief. i will leave you to decide

  3. Oooooh WHERE AM I??? There I was looking for a little bit of old-fashioned Chrlog and ended up in outer space!!! Not complaining though! I agree with Wales’ comments! Probably a silly question but have you just tried googling ‘poem about denial’. I just did and several options came up like this . I don’t know any off the top of my head!
    I enjoy the fact that you are now an old and grumpy man!!!Your Sugababes comment made me laugh!

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