Nee ner nee ner nee ner… how did I do that?

Our upstairs smoke alarm has been beeping annoyingly for the last week, as its battery has run out. It has taken me some time to replace the battery as the alarm has many stickers on it saying things like “WARNING! DO NOT TOUCH!”, “CAUTION – THIS IS RADIOACTIVE”, “ATTENTION: DISCONNECT MAINS” and “HEY YOU, WHAT ARE YOU EVEN DOING READING THIS?”. That kind of thing. So I was nervous about doing too much.

It has been disturbing our sleep and giving us headaches, though, so I finally managed to get round to switching batteries today. Unfortunately, this necessitated turning off the mains supply (as advised by the small purple sticker).

I was quite prepared to have to reset all the clocks. I wasn’t prepared for the fact that turning the mains back on would set our security alarm. And then, when I moved my arm, set it screaming for the next hour.

The headaches are coming on well.