Status updating killed the blogging star

Yes, in a highly original (Google has nearly 2 million hits) move, I have adapted the famous Buggles* song title to observe that it is nearly a year since I last posted and everything I might once have talked about here now goes on Facebook.

Here are some things I didn’t record on the Chrlog:

1. The 5th anniversary of Chrlogging
2. The 30th anniversary of me
3. The 9 month anniversary of me impregnating my wife

What to do? It seems that a red dwarf style revamp did nothing for my enthusiasm. Ho hum.

* Seriously, who? Chalk another one up to Google!


2 thoughts on “Status updating killed the blogging star

  1. Hello Chrlog!!! It’s been ages! All my original blogging people I always used to read, like you, have all suddenly posted!!! Welcome back!!! and entertain me!
    How is Juliet?

    • Hello Kezzie.

      I like to think we are the original and best!

      I am trying to get back in the blogging swing. Suggestions gratefully received.

      Juliet is very well, thanks!

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