RJ bought green mouthwash.

I had always been fairly ambivalent about the evils of green mouthwash, but either the recipe has changed or my strict beluga and champagne diet has sharpened my palate.


I’ve started having a piece of cake or a sugary drink afterwards to take the taste away.


7 thoughts on “Vile

  1. Seriously Chris, I’ve read LOADS of Pride and prejudice spin-offs and this is by far the best so far!!! (Don’t read Joan Aiken’s ones- she does WEIRD endings!) DO it, go to the library!!!!

    I have serious issues with many mouthwashes!!! Did you know that Listerine used to be used as a toilet cleaner before it was mouthwash- that’s what someone told me!
    I like Tom’s of Maine’s baking soda mouthwash- I don’t like the current Tom’s of Maine one I have which is minging!!!
    Aloedent is ok!

  2. I like the idea that people reading this* will think you have got confused and are reading in between the lines quite a lot to find a P&P reference in this post!

    I have never heard of Tom of Maine but might look him up!

    My personal favourite is the red Colgate one. I have simple tastes!

    * of which I know there are none, thanks to the stats page!

  3. No no, I know what you are thinking, but unlike in nature, red is okay for mouthwash.

    It’s not made from toadstools!

  4. I too have had mouthwash issues in the last week. Tesco decided to do a “buy one get one free” offer on the mouthwash I usually get, meaning they of course had none in stock. Thus, I had to get Listerine instead, which truly is vile.

    (I think this is all part of Tesco’s big “Price War”, where they’ve slashed prices across the store, with the laudible effect that I am now paying more for my shopping. Not sure quite how that works.)

    Oh, and Blue Colgate is the only true mouthwash!

  5. Stephen, your struggles with green mouthwash are that of legend.

    I pity your household for its forced Listerinity. Truly, Lady Choc is lucky you are not yet married!

    And after you are, of course, your choice of mouthwash will depend entirely on her whimsy.

    I trust you have checked her preferred “flavour” isn’t green?!

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