I knew him, Horatio

I was back at the railway station, reminiscing fondly over all the times I had received poor customer service that I could use to craft entertaining stories.

My eye rested on the departures board. It seemed like too good an opportunity to pass up.

Chris: “Hello. Can you tell me which platform the Matlock train is leaving from?”
Attendant: “Um… 2B.”
Chris: “Or not 2B, that is the question.”
Attendant: [pause] [stare] “Did you come all the way across here just to say that?”
Chris: [small voice] “Maybe.”
Attendant: “Get thee to a nunnery.”
Chris: “Good one!”

To: Hamlet [hamlet@denmark.com]
From: Chris [thechrlog@hotmail.co.uk]
Subject: FYI


So, I asked the staff at Derby station and they’re definite that it’s 2B.

Just thought you would want to know.

Also, I just found out via Wikipedia that your play is called “the tragical history of Hamlet, Prince of Denmark” and I wanted you to know that “tragical” is totally a made-up word.

Kind regards,



To: Chris [thechrlog@hotmail.co.uk]
cc: Bill [bill@shakespeare.com]
From: Hamlet [hamlet@denmark.com]
Subject: Re: FYI

Hi Chris,

That’s awesome, I’ve been worrying about it for years.

Bill – Chris is dissing your title.

PS Yorick says hi!



To: Hamlet [hamlet@denmark.com]
cc: Bill [bill@shakespeare.com]
From: Chris [thechrlog@hotmail.co.uk]
Subject: Re: FYI


Did you know that Claudius is banging your mum?

Kind regards,



To: Chris [thechrlog@hotmail.co.uk], Hamlet [hamlet@denmark.com]
From: Bill [bill@shakespeare.com]
Subject: Re: FYI



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  1. In the interests of full disclosure the bit after they gave me the withering look is fictional.

    (I didn’t send the email either.)

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