Poo joke

We were sitting in the park. Me, RJ, and Panther*, in what I believe is her blog debut. Watch out for her bit at the end, it’s a star turn.

Somehow we were talking about jokes. I think I had just told my two Lord Voldemort jokes.**

Suddenly, inspiration stuck. If you can call it that.

Me : Here’s a joke Panther could tell. Knock knock?
RJ : Who’s there?
Me : I’ve dunnap.
RJ : I’ve dunnap what?
Me : Oh come on, not this again! Don’t make me embarrass you on the blog, I thought we’d moved on from that?
RJ : What?
Me : You say ‘who’ not ‘what’, like in the Voldemort one we’ve just done.
RJ : Oh right, oh yes, so it would be ‘I’ve done a poo.’
Me : Exactly, which is amusing as Panther spends all of her time doing poos and gurgling and stuff.
RJ : It’s not that funny.
Me : It IS that funny. Let’s try again.
RJ : Right.
Me : Knock knock.
RJ : Who’s there?
Me : I’ve dunnap.
RJ : I’ve dunnap what?
Me : [Grinds teeth]

I cast around for a joke to make at RJ’s expense that involved the word ‘what’ instead of ‘who’, and settled on “Knock knock? Who’s there? Imat.” being the best I could think of in the twenty seconds I had. Whilst not phonetically perfect, at least I could get her to say something that sounded vaguely like “I’m a twat” and put it on the blog for all to enjoy.

Me : [Rubs hands together] Knock knock?
RJ : What?
Me : [Facepalm]
Panther: [does a poo]


* Panther is our baby. She is nine months old.

** If you are interested they go as follows:

1. Lord Voldemort Joke #1

A : Knock knock?
B : Who’s there?
A : You know.
B : You know who?
A : Avada kedavra!

2. Lord Voldemort Joke #2

A : I say, I say, I say, my Lord Voldemort’s got no nose.***
B : How does he smell?
A : Terrible!

I didn’t say they were good.

Stephen – DON’T tell the squirrel ballet joke!

*** This one’s more for fans of the films.


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  1. (sniggers) I like your Voldy jokes!!! I have a terribly childish sense of humour! Haha, well done RJ for making Chris look silly!!!!

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