On tea

Tea is very important. Especially in the workplace.

Some people like their tea strong. Some people like their tea weak. Some like it with sugar. Some like it without milk.* Some prefer it in a fine china cup, and others don’t mind it in a chipped mug.

My work colleagues have become confused about an important aspect of tea, and I need to share this with you before I explode scalding hot tea on them.

Strong tea
Tea is strong when the tea bag has been left in longer and/or it is a strong blend anyway and/or you squeeze the bag against the side of the cup with the spoon.

Tea is weak if you don’t leave the bag in long and/or don’t stir it and/or select a delicate blend.

Milky tea
Tea is milky if you add a lot of milk.

Tea is not milky when you add a small amount of milk.

These are not the same thing, you idiots!!

Strong tea is not tea with less milk. When someone says they want a weaker tea, you cannot merely top it up with milk.

Is this difficult to understand?!

Don’t make me come over there and sort you out!


* handily removing the need to discuss whether the milk should go in before the tea, or after.


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