New year, new weeding

In the event of the blogosphere 2012, Stephen will be wedding the delightful Lady Choc.

Time is ticking and the bride and groom will assuredly be getting excited about the dress/piping/food/stag do/flowers/all the other things.


… isn’t Stephen leaving it rather late to ask me to be his best man? I mean, yes, of course I am the obvious choice, but if he doesn’t ask soon I might be double booked.

Something to think on.


9 thoughts on “New year, new weeding

  1. Dear Chris, I have responded to your kind offer on my own blog. I’m sure that, under the circumstances, you will understand…

  2. I know! It’s like weird he hasn’t asked Le Welsh and me to play Pachabel’s canon and ‘hunt the squirrel ballet’ on our violas as a duet! 🙂

  3. Hmm, well, I’m still stuck on blogger – and not a wordpressian…
    Still it was nice to re-find you, and have a read – married, child, etc – good stuff.

    All the Best

    aka Once was Minion, aka Inconsequential

  4. Stephen – I would watch that.

    Kezzie – you are once again responsible for an upsurge in traffic to the Chrlog, I don’t know how you do it. “Hunt the squirrel” is now my 5th most popular search term.

    Welsh – hello! I look forward to your regular Thursday night updates!

    Mikle – another hello! I remember you saying your daughter was the only thing you were proud of, aren’t children brilliant?

    • yes, and after 11 years of one, I’m still rather impressed…though, we are getting to apoint now were novelty is wearing thin…not a teen, but has a teens ‘tude…
      and txt fingers, and secrets already…

      aah, how swiftly innocence falls…

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