War veterans / my crew

Wife: “I’m putting the war veterans in the freezer.”
Me: “What?”
Wife: “I’m putting the Warburtons in the freezer.”
Me: “Yes that would make more sense.”

I must clean these ears out.

We shall remember them.


I feel a bit like my own corner of the blogosphere has undergone a mini-renaissance recently. I now post at least once a month, of course, but there are others:

Le Welsh promised to write every Thursday.
Stephen has committed to writing somthing like 400 blog posts in the next three months.
Mikle made contact! Here’s my recent favourite. Maybe I should write a poem to celebrate.
And Polly’s back! Although it feels a bit weird to call her that. She sounds happier too, which I am glad about.

There are more I’m sure. If I try to be comprehensive I’ll only end up just missing one person out and offending them.

Bonus question: Now that blogging isn’t trendy any more, is it more or less of a sub-culture?


2 thoughts on “War veterans / my crew

  1. Less of a Sub-culture, more of a thing that’s slightly better than vegetating in front of the TV…

    I’t nice to bumble round the blogs and see peoples perspectives and such…

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