In the words of a recent spam-commenter (as they linked to cheap laptop batteries): “not only is tomorrow the first day of advent, world aids day and the day men shave off their filthy moustaches but its also my birthdayyyyy!”

Today is indeed the first day of advent, when we celebrate as a nation that joyous day when Joseph and Mary travelled to Bethlehem, opened the stable door, and found a small chocolate that could have been a snowman, perhaps a camel, maybe a snowflake… no-one can tell. Look at the plastic mould – anyone got any ideas?

Happy birthday Spammer!


2 thoughts on “Advent

  1. Ah the distinctive marks of a Pepperpot! Dr Who fans with a sense of humour (depending on your level of comedy) for years have been drawing comparison between those metal meanies with their idiosyncratic cries to the humble Pepperpot!

    Must get me an advent calendar! (spelling crisis!)
    Happy Birthday spammer!

  2. If I liked Dr Who I would definitely have a salt and pepper set shaped like daleks.

    I might even have a plastic mould made to look like cybermen to go over my ketchup and brown sauce bottles!

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