November review

November was the month the Chrenaissance slowed down! Luckily I spotted this and put in a solid final week!

It started with me gaining a new reader but nearly mistaking him for a spambot (sorry, dude). Panther started speaking (she still mainly speaks in non-words… this counts, right?!) and I offered to play a part in Stephen’s wedding (I was rebuffed in favour of a dog).

I rounded off the month with my thoughts on the reinvigorated local blogosphere, personal hygiene and World AIDS day.

One year ago
November 2010 held two gems.

I asked for help finding a poem about denial for an unspecified (and still unfinished) project. Advice still gratefully received. I then broke our burglar alarm which I still haven’t fixed. (Unless you are a burglar, in which case my house is full of lasers and rabid dogs with AIDS. Also, rumours that my wife leaves the car unlocked overnight are unfounded lies.)

Five years ago
The golden era of the Chrlog.

I had a mouldy cucumber in my fridge which set Welsh off moaning about her housemate. She doesn’t do that as much any more. I gave relationship tips which degenerated into Molly and Welshy discussing masturbation. I gave advice on baby naming which I ignored when it came to my own, and threw my bin in the bin a bit like a set of russian dolls.

Undeterred, I launched myself into a new public transport adventure featuring a girl with no pants, mocked my old flatmate’s attempts at home improvement, and unleashed the HORROR that is THE CHOCOLATE INCIDENT on an unsuspecting world. It was in this post that Stephen suggested looking to Oscar Wilde for advice on women, a fact which might cause some worry for his own Lady Chocolat.