Continuing my December tradition of only updating with pleasantries

I hate party poppers

After wishing you a happy Christmas, and before wishing you a (Warning: spoiler alert!) happy new year, I wanted to take the time to wish you (all?) a happy interepulum.

As I am sure you can work out using either your elite Latin skills or Google, this is the period in between Christmas and the new year. If you are thinking “why don’t I recognise this word?” it is because I just made it up.*

I always have terrible trouble with this period at work and elsewhere. After Christmas, it seems silly to still say “Merry Christmas” but people look at you as if you are some kind of trouser-sucking loon if you wish them a happy new year before the evening of the 31st. Really, interepulum is also shit, so we could do with a new greeting that intertwines grumbling at having to be in the office, a general feeling of bloatedness and a growing mistrust of turkey and tinsel.

Suggestions, as always, welcome.

* longstanding sufferers of the Chrlog will know my proclivity for inventing successful Chreologisms. In my head I am the successor to Shakespeare and Samuel Johnson. In reality I am a nob who uses words like “tanticular”.


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