2011 review: My year in… work

Work has been quite interesting this year. I am tired, but this may be due to other things!

January started with me failing an exam and the rest of the year has consisted of me taking said exam again and again and again. Once again in January I find myself awaiting the postman. I am fed up of exams. I am thirty years old, for pity’s sake!

As of April 2012 I (currently) find myself with no job. Life is not very easy in the post-coalition world. There has been much re-organisation, even by our normal standards. One happy note is that I will almost certainly be able to attend the Wedding of Stephen, soon to be Lord of all Chocolate. April is quite a dicey time for the accounting profession, and now I will either have it as pre-booked holiday or indeed I will be a Lord myself, of leisure. Of course, should I be going back to work post-wedding, I will be plunged into a hellish chaos, but we will cross that bridge when we come to it.

On the debit side, I am settling into my new career and have started to think in financial years and, yes, debits and credits. This, I feel, is the beginning of the end. Soon I will have to wave goodbye to my dreams of being a rock star.

Chris de Chrlog and the Accruals

2 thoughts on “2011 review: My year in… work

  1. Sorry to hear that Chris, must be a worrying time, but I am glad you can see the positive side, e.g. attending the ‘Where are the Chocolate frogs? ‘wedding (do ya see what I did there??)- hope that you do find something soon!

    • Oh don’t worry, I’m sure I’ll sort something out.

      I hope there are chocolate frogs at the wedding – I will report back!

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