2011 review: My year in… music

I had a good year in our band, and am getting back to being almost as good at the trombone as I used to be when I was in school. I am getting used to the bass trombone and almost have enough puff to play complete phrases now.

I continue to be one of the only members who both read and play dynamics and who watch the conductor. Someone has to.

I had no organ-playing engagements in 2011 after my resurgence in 2010 at one carol concert. But I have heard a lot of terrible organ playing. It is a shame that my collapse into irreligiosity has deprived the world of my genius (read: mediocrity). Playing an organ is an interesting thing, and it can be quite physical, but at its heart it is about following other people. A lot of organists forget this. Also, a lot are in their nineties, which is a challenge.

I practised the piano very infrequently in 2011 and must improve this over the next year.

I wrote 80% of a carol, and composed nothing else. As usual. My opera is on hold until after I have passed all of my exams.


3 thoughts on “2011 review: My year in… music

  1. How did I not know/pick-up/forget that you were a musician!!!!!!! And an ORGANIST- Mwa ha ha ha!!!! I thought you were normal- now I know you’re one of them!!!!!!!!!!! That’s very considerate of you to watch the conductor and play the dynamics. If only my kids of school would do that more in the orchestra! Luckily I am used to young and considerate organists!!!

    • I don’t know how you didn’t spot it!

      I don’t talk about it often I suppose.

      Organists are the greatest of all the musicians.

      But, and here is the crucial question, what on earth gave you the impression I was normal?!

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