2011 review: My year in… sport and fitness

My running has continued poorly. I can see why some people like it, but I am not those people.

I could get on better with boring fitness activities if I could find some way of enjoying some music at the same time, but I have yet to find a pair of earphones that are comfortable/don’t mash my glasses to my face in a lop-sided manner/don’t fall out upon physical exertion.

I have been swimming a lot with Panther. This is not much effort as although she needs holding the whole time, she is quite light. She is good at swimming, and can hold onto the side. She will close her eyes if she goes under water, but unfortunately gets overexcited and opens her mouth. She is only small.

Again Panther-inspired, we go on more walks of a weekend. This is nice, and probably has a small but non-zero impact on my health.

I have a new gym routine which I enjoy. It is very focussed on core strength. Also, I can do press ups again after 10 years of being a weakling! Hooray!

However, a friend of mine who also attends the gym says I remind him of Walter the softie from the Beano. Goal: beef up and then kill him.

Don't make the same mistake Dennis did and underestimate me. I will mess you up, son.

I have started to learn aikido, as there is a dojo a short walk from our house (in an old school). It is good, and is refreshing some of the things I knew back in the day when I was more fit and did Ju Jitsu.

Bizarrely, some of what should be an advantage is working against me somewhat, and I find techniques where my old and new learning is similar but not identical to be hardest. A lot of the gymnastics you do in martial arts are slightly different between styles and it is hard to unlearn something to relearn (particularly when it is something you have learned to stop your head accelerating towards the floor).

Martial arts are taught in an interesting manner. I am quite interested in learning how to manipulate the human body. I am fairly uninterested in learning how to be a Japanese person (and one at that who lives in the 15th century). It is sometimes difficult to separate the two.

In other news, Christmas has been unkind to my waistline (press ups notwithstanding) and RJ has put us both on a diet for the new year. I am also considering starting spinning on Wednesdays! Spinning is like death on bikes, but less fun.

Join me later in the week for more boring updates from 2011. I am also late presenting the December Chrlog round-up to a grateful public. It’s non-stop excitement round here, n’est-ce pas?

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  1. Well that seems a lot of exercise to me- mine consists of the 20 mins walk to and from school with trolley bag. And occasionally, the odd 30mile bike ride- but not for months!
    I like your reviews, not boring!

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