2011 review: My year in… blogging

The Chrlog is still not a best-selling novel, nor is it a mediocre-selling novel or in fact a money spinner of any kind. This must be rectified!

2011 did see me resume blogging in a semi-regular fashion. Let’s see how that continues!

There’s always the cooking blog that the wife has initiated. But how likely is it that I will move from zero blogs to two without fading out again? (Rhetorical.)

In other (dull) news, I continue to fiddle with the format of the blog to no real avail, but I am sure I will settle on a theme I like one day. The best way of reading the blog remains by feed or on a mobile phone, where the idiosyncracies of my formatting are largely overwritten by native format!


2 thoughts on “2011 review: My year in… blogging

  1. Oh don’t worry about the formatting! Have you SEEN mine- I haven’t got a CLUE how to do any of the super-duper customizing functions that anyone else could manage! I don’t even know how to put links at the side!

    • I think I mess with mine too much.

      You have an iconic pink look going on. I’m a little upset to find it is not purposeful!

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