2011 review: My year in… panther

Panther is over 11 months old, nearly a year (on Saturday!). She has come a long way since she was inside RJ. She laughs a lot and is a happy baby. I was worried about spoiling her at Christmas but she seems okay, and I have learnt that everyone else will always spoil their babies more thoroughly. If you are a keep-upper, I suppose this could be a cause for stress but I see it as a relief.

It is vaguely nerve-wracking to think that I will be raising a daughter into a world I don’t understand – I only got a mobile phone when I was 19 or 20, whereas she will no doubt want one at 5 or 6. How much should I moderate her internet usage in her teenage years? What is the best way of killing her first boyfriend? I suppose this is all a long way in the future. At the moment, the closest she gets to surfing the internet or dating is doing a poo and then laughing. And that is not very close.*

She can say “daddy” but only when no-one else is there. This is quite frustrating!

Panther likes: sorting plastic shapes, baths, pooing, sleeping on her face with her bum in the air, cuddles, biscuits and long walks by the sea
Panther doesn’t like: getting up in the morning, noisy environments, sharing books, having her eye cleaned, prawns

* unless you come from Glasgow, where it is an established courtship ritual

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