Bad idea

So I haven’t blogged for a while. I have a new job and it is kicking my ass.

I still get a regular influx of visitors looking how to fake a young person’s railcard and/or for poems on personal hygiene. New Google search entrants this week also include ‘menstrual cycle diagram’, ‘3d wasp drawing’, ‘steph/ven part three’ (damnation!) and ‘lord voldemort jokes’ (hurrah!).

It occurs to me that perhaps repeatedly posting about this preoccupation people seem to have on hygiene poems and fake railcards might actually send more people here looking for these things and not less.

To remedy this I have written this further post diverting attention from them.

How have you been?


2 thoughts on “Bad idea

  1. Excellent! My plans to colonise your blog are proceeding apace…


    For all the people who want to know.

    • Look over your shoulder.

      The one search for “Steph/ven part three” is nothing – NOTHING – to the four to five searches I get for “Kezzie AG” every week!

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