Sugar rush

Once again I find myself in a postless rut, with a few things to write about but seemingly no time to write them down. Or at least write them down coherently.

In lieu of my genuine musings on “emails from Nigerian princes” (coming soon!) and “licking a scone in Muffin Break while a stranger looks on, uncertainly” (coming soon!) I present to you the following disconnected rambling:

Have you ever noticed how much sugar is in drinks? I found myself thirsting after a beverage following my gym exertions a few weeks ago, and I couldn’t find anything I was willing to drink that wouldn’t cancel out the good work I had done on the treadmill. Except water, which I could have predicted would be okay.

Coke: obviously full of sugar.

‘Proper’ Orange juice: ridiculously full of sugar – I could feel my teeth dissolving just reading the label.

Milkshakes: death by sugar!

Diet pepsi*: no sugar, but also no anything which makes me massively suspicious. I’ll leave ranting about diet pop (or diet soda for our American cousins) till another day I think.

“I know,” I thought. “I’ll have a pint of skimmed milk. It’s full of calcium, for health teeth and bones.”**

Milk is full of sugar (lactose obviously in retrospect!) – I was in quite a quandary!

It’s really not clear to me whether this is okay or not. I know that the sugars in fruit juice and milk are naturally occurring but does that make them okay? It’s not as simple as good/bad for you and I find this confusing!

To cut a long, incoherent ramble short (“too late”) I didn’t buy anything, and got fish and chips on the way home instead.

Until next time, farewell!

* in the interests of fairness, I have included both Coke and Pepsi, although I must point out that other brands are available. You can also get dandelion and burdock, Tizer and Irn Bru. You can also, amazingly, get diet Irn Bru, which feels a bit like it is selling out. Presumably it is made from girders that have rusted away, leaving naught but a memory?
** and a glossy coat… Wait, or is that Pedigree Chum?


5 thoughts on “Sugar rush

  1. Diet Irn Bru is concentrated evil in a can. Unless it’s in a bottle, of course.

    Diet drinks in general are awful, and should be avoided.

    And, yes, I’m well aware of the diet-thwarting properties of drinks in general. Basically, if you want to lose weight you basically have to drink nothing but water.

    • I hadn’t noticed, but I will forgive you as I omitted the “y” from healthy in the post itself.

      Although now I have noticed I may have to go and change that!

      (For the record, the word “basically” is basically redundant 90% of the time anyway!)

      I will also go on record and state my horror of diet drinks here so future generations will know that the two greatest thinkers of the age are in accord on this topic.

  2. You are a great antidote to pre-returning to school gloom, I am laughing lots! (ROTFPMS although I feel silly using that- nor is it literal!! But just to prove I read your posts!)

    I don’t really like fizzy drinks. My choice is always water. I might have some juice. Don’t really care about diet or other drinks! I have two colleagues who guzzle diet-coke like it’s going out of business and that is yucksome!

  3. “Basically, if you want to lose weight you basically have to drink nothing but water.”
    Ah, dear Steph/ven. That’s a ridiculous thing to say.

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