Hurry and chips

I'm not going back for seconds, I'm going back for hours.

A while ago, before Panther was born, my good wife and I visited Pizza Hut to partake of their “All You Can Eat” buffet.

Or maybe we didn’t have the buffet, but really why would you go there and not have it? (This preceded the New Year diet.)

We attacked our pizze with gusto and I pushed around a piece of lettuce from the salad bar for form’s sake.

After about 10 minutes we had both eaten a lot of pizza and were starting to feel inexplicably irritated. We also started to notice a certain manic atmosphere: kids screaming, staff on a short fuse, etc.

It was then that we noticed that the in-restaurant radio was playing the songs slightly, slightly too fast. I’m not talking Alvin and the Chipmunks style, just maybe 5% faster than is usual.

My guess is that they speed up the tracks to get people to subconsciously eat faster and vacate their tables sooner.

Is this standard practice? Is it common knowledge?

Anyway, this is a public service announcement. It’s a lot easier to enjoy your food if you know it’s happening and can screen it out!

Also, as blogs are supposed to be about surrendering personal information to the internet, let me advertise that my favourite pizza topping is pineapple.


7 thoughts on “Hurry and chips

  1. Everyone knows pepperoni is the Knig of pizza toppings.

    Except in Italy, where “pepperoni” means “peppers”, but what do they know about pizza, really?

  2. Hee hee!!!! That’s funny and slightly worrying! I wonder if that’s why CBC and I find we are irritated with each other when eating out in anywhere other than haute cuisine! 🙂
    Pineapple- interesting choice! I don’t know what my favourite is- my ideal pizza has lots of diffferent toppings on- I quite like olives, I like pepperoni too and I like it when a florentine has egg. I like most things except mushrooms (spawn of evil!)

  3. I think I am happy to concede that pepperoni is the Knig, but pineapple is still my favourite. I’ve always liked an underdog.*

    Kezzie, I had forgotten that you shared Welshy’s unwarranted prejudice against funguses. Really, mushrooms, organists, is there nothing of quality that you don’t hate?!

    Also egg on pizza = abomination. Just so we are clear!

    * like Scotland in the Six Nations. You know, a real rank outsider.

    • I have seen it, and will do it (ostensibly)*, out of character though it is!

      Q: How many bloggers does it take to change a lightbulb?
      A: One to change it, who then tags five friends to change THEIR lightbulbs, who then each tell five of their friends to change THEIR lightbulbs… and so on…

      This is not my favourite lightbulb joke, but it will do to whet your appetite.

      * this doesn’t work here at all, but I think it will still annoy you.

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