In search of a tree stump (part one)

When I was young(er) and we used to play tag, we sometimes had a tree stump which was designated as a “safe area” from being… tug?*

Previously I had considered The Chrlog such a safe area, but no longer. Kezzie has tagged me to share some of my most intimate secrets** and it would be churlish to refuse. And although ostensibly I am a churl, actually I am a pleasant, happy-go-lucky chap.

I am obligated to:
1. Post the rules
2. Answer 11 questions
3. Reveal 11 facts

This bit is part one (the rules). Parts two and three will undoubtedly follow. Maybe split in two? Yes, let’s make it a five parter!

Generic tree stump image!

* Tagged? Yes, tagged.
** I imagine she was emboldened by my revelation that I liked pineapple on pizzas.


3 thoughts on “In search of a tree stump (part one)

  1. Ha ha!!! Excellent! There’s no escape!
    (by the way, I am grumbling inwardly due to use of a certain favoured word though it’s in speech that I am envious!! I saw what you did there!)

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