The Apprentice

Against the advice of my family, my friends, and (I hardly need add) my own better judgement, I have once again found myself in the grasp of BBC One’s The Apprentice.

For those who haven’t seen it, Alan Sugar acquires 16 of the brightest, best business professionals from across the country and watches them act like divs.

The irony being of course that they aren’t bright, aren’t ‘best’, aren’t professional and seem to have only a shaky grasp of business.

A gripe for another occasion is exactly what this nebulous notion of ‘business’ really is. It is used as a catch-all phrase on The Apprentice when one shit-wit wants to claim they are better than another shit-wit. For now, assume that when I say they have a shaky grasp, I mean they try to sell things to people before deciding how much they are going to sell it for. You know, the basics.

Michael Pilgrim, writing for the Telegraph, says, “There are those who say that The Apprentice (BBC One) has fostered interest in business. Yes, but only in the sense that Shaun the Sheep has sparked study of the wool trade,” which is probably fair.

If it was up to me, the series climax would reunite all the contestants in one room and pump it full of poison gas.

I'm pointing. It means you've been even more shit than the others and you're fired.

I’m pointing. It means you’ve been even more shit than the others and you’re fired.


2 thoughts on “The Apprentice

  1. Yeah, but would you really apply the description “best”, “brightest” or “professional” to Alan Sugar, either? And his grasp of “business” doesn’t appear too hot, either – most of his money comes from property.

    Another show that is best viewed through the filter of “Harry Hill’s TV Burp”.

    • No Stephen I wouldn’t. A very good point.

      It’s firmly on my list of “I know I shouldn’t be watching this but…”

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