Happy Easter Prince Mbutu

Erstwhile work colleague and friend (albeit one I never see) Jessseeker has been blogging about her adventures in spam recently, so I thought I would shamelessly link to her as she already has twice the pageviews I have, despite being active for approximately 5% of the time.

Although I have previously touched upon this, two related thoughts struck me:

1. There is possibly a company out there who really can allow me to “plough her furrow with your new bigger tool” but who are perplexed that their online marketing isn’t working; and
2. There is possibly a lonely Nigerian prince somewhere who has a lot of thanks to give (and US$8million) if only he could get remote access to an Alliance and Leicester bank account. He is probably very confused as to why no-one replies, even though he has emailed all 200 million people in the West the discretion of whom he has been assured.

That last sentence was truly execrable, but I have left it to show I am fallible and because I am tired after twelve hours of work on Good Friday.

Happy Easter to one and all, but especially to Prince Mbutu – good luck, sir!

Lots of delicious chocolate eggs that I’m not allowed on my diet.


2 thoughts on “Happy Easter Prince Mbutu

  1. Dearest Chris,

    Thank you for drawing my attention to the fact I had until now overlooked the need to wish Prince Mbutu ‘Happy Easter’. This reminds me of the time I forgot Paris Hilton’s birthday.

    Oh the shame.

    • My advice: keep it to “Season’s Greetings”.

      It’s time non-specific and so doesn’t raise any suspicion.

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