A tip for if you are caught short in a residential area

I can’t quite remember what made me think of this… It may have been Lucy’s recent(ish) memory of embarrassing herself with her sister, or it may have been my friend Stephen* reading from a book on lies to tell small children…

… Anyway, whatever the prompt, I was reminded of something my Dad told me when I was about seven years old, that I half believed for a good eight years.

Yes, do the maths, I still couldn’t quite decide if it was true when I was about 15. This is the problem with parents, you do basically trust them, even when you half-believe they are aliens, keeping you as a future food source.

Here is the fact he taught me:

If you see a sign outside a house that says “TO LET”, this is an old mediaeval word for “toilet” and it means that the people who live inside don’t mind if you knock on the door and ask to use their toilet.

Do you have anything similarly foolish that you have believed?

Bow down to my leet photoshopping skillz. (Disclaimer: may be done in MS Paint.)

* not to be confused with Steph/ven.


2 thoughts on “A tip for if you are caught short in a residential area

  1. Man, parents are evil. Growing up on a farm I only found out as a teenager that a lot of my “pets” didn’t actually go to live on another farm or pass away peacefully in their sleep. Nicer though than being told you could go into strangers houses to use their bathroom…

    • Come on ‘Lucy’, I expect better from you as a proud Australian.

      Yes, as a British person it is acceptable to say “well I only had to deal with people killing my pets, which is nowhere near as bad as making a toilet-related faux pas in front of a stranger”, but you antipodeans are meant to be made of sterner stuff!

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