Wedding liveblog

00:00 Home and teeth brushed! Congratulations to Mr and Mrs Stephvolate and thanks very much for inviting us. I didn’t have as much time to talk to you as I would have liked (i.e. five minutes each and separately at that) but such is the way of weddings. I’m looking forward to seeing you at the next family wedding in the summer… I probably won’t liveblog that one, worry not.

23:20 We’re off. Panther not slept at all and still running round. Donkey. Had a great time!

22:25 Scotch people are deranged when they are dancing. I do mainly mean Stevevephen’s brothers, but it applies to them all.

21:30 Caledonia an excellent first dance song. Especially for the Scotch! Me and RJ had a go. More dancing to come! Mr and Mrs S very good dancers, no surprises there!

20:30 What a lovely set of speeches. Mr LC did a poem! This was very good! Steph/ven was as eloquent in person as he is when he is ranting about D&D v4e and he did raise a bit of a tear to my eye. Rambo’s BM speech I enjoyed very much and I’m thinking of stealing the catchphrase “I’m not proud of this” if I am ever a best man!

20:05 Speeches!

19:30 I can’t quite believe it is so late… How time flies. Meal delicious. Speeches soon…

17:01 I have chosen the chicken with haggis as I am in Scotland.

16:40 I met LC! In person! She was nice! Should I now call her Mrs Steph/ven? Anyway. She looked lovely too! Steph/ven is very lucky, although so is she as Steph/ven is nice also.

16:03 En route to the reception! This must be enthralling, dear reader. We are having a great day!

15.51 A great service, although I missed a bit of it as I had to go and change a nappy (Panther’s). And my remark about the Star Wars music was oddly prophetic! I am a genius. Congratulations to the happy couple!

14:25 Highland Cathedral!! Lady C looks lovely. Stephvn looks happy!

14:10 Lady C exercising her right to be slightly tardy. I know Stevephen would approve. The piper they have is a lot better than the usual guy…

13:58 Der, der, der, der! (Lady C soon to arrive!) This is meant to convey general suspense not be the Imperial March!

13:30 We have arrived at the church. Half an hour early! (This was NOT the case last time.) Panther is having a sleep after a hard morning walking in the hotel corridor and getting in the way of the housekeeping staff. I have sent RJ to mingle with the family and I am waiting with Panth in the car. I will wake her in ten minutes so we can mingle too. Very excited!

09.20 Run complicated by the lack of available routes. Didn’t fancy jogging on a dual carriageway… So much for finding a nice glen. Bloody Scotland – it’s all concrete and fried foods! Heater in hotel smells of burning human hair, however am forced to concede that Premier Inn probably is the best option for budget hotels. ALWAYS trust Lenny Henry.

08.15 A nice lie-in from Panth and we are up! Going for a morning run (to offset the calories in advance!) and a banana and digestive biscuit to break our fast. Shame we are too cheap to pay £20 for “proper” breakfast, but hey there it is.

01:25 Panther is down and snoring! Teeth brushed! More in the (proper) morning!

01:15 Chris finishes unpacking the car. Panther nearly asleep!

00:40 Steph/ven and Lady Choc are doubtless excited and struggling to sleep. Rambo (best man) will be putting the finishing (starting?) touches to the speech. And our intrepid heroes, Chris, RJ and Panther arrive at the Premier Inn.


I’m always keen to try new things.

Shall I liveblog Steph/ven and Lady C’s wedding on Thursday?

Comment if you are interested! (I will probably do it anyway.)

UPDATE: Follow from the top!


10 thoughts on “Wedding liveblog

  1. For those who prefer clarity to inference, Steph/ven is the usual piper, and this remark is designed to irritate him.

    I actually have no idea who is best, and in fact established in a one minute chat with the good Cap’n that I have no clue of what makes good piping.

    Something to do with Grace, whoever she is. She came up before dinner too…

  2. Ahrgh, why did I not get notification of this to my blog! I missed it!!!!!! By the way, the reason I visited was to say that when I was in the Metrocentre in Newcastle I saw a Mufffinbreak. I sniggered, I smirked. My boyfriend demanded to know why and so I filled him in! He then nipped into Muffinbreak later to go and get a muffin later!
    Right, now I am actually going to read the post!

  3. Brilliant! Really funny!!! Esp: ‘And our intrepid heroes, Chris, RJ and Panther arrive at the Premier Inn.’ sounds like an episode of Dogtanian!

    What do you mean re the Imperial march reference? Explain!!! (FYI, my sister went back down the aisle to the Throne room theme from Starwars and went under an arch of lightsabres! Oh the shame!)

    • Intrepid is another favourite word of mine. As is heroic, in fact. I often (over)use them to describe my attempts to, say, go to the shops or overcome the common cold.

      As for the Imperial March prattle, I was merely trying to convey suspense by saying “der der der” but realised it sounded a bit like the Darth Vader theme.

      (For the record, other than that she is quite tall, Lady Choco/ven doesn’t share any other qualities with Lord Vader.)

      Then the recessional was the nice theme from Star Wars (I must admit to not knowing it’s name but maybe one of the people with true geek credentials will help me out?). I was amused.

      Incidentally it was also cleverly arranged for organ and very well played – organs often aren’t! Well done everyone involved.

      It really was a lovely day!

  4. I find your lack of faith disturbing….:P It was actually the Throne Room march that Kezzie mentioned – somehow I agreed with Steph/Ven about having it for the recessional – probably the last thing we’ll ever agree on.

    • Agreeing with your husband is overrated, RJ never bothers.

      I like the idea of Darth Chocolat… Let’s see:

      Stephen: “I… where are my books? I thought you said I could have two shelves?”
      Darth Chocolat: “I am altering the deal. Pray I don’t alter it any further.”
      Stephen: (chokes)

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