Fresh air

It’s odd.

In the good old days, pubs, clubs, hospitals, offices, etc were all full of cigarette smoke.

These days, I don't even know that smokers are cooler than normal people any more... when did that happen?

Then we banned smoking in public places.

Sometimes you still see signs saying “for your convenience, no smoking is allowed in this lift” where what they mean is “we are obliged by law not to have you smoke in here but we are reframing it to make us look considerate”. But this is a conversation for another day.

Smoke free buildings are great (except for the problem of where to put your ketchup sachets) but bizarrely we now live in a world where fresh air and smoky air have changed places.

I was in a shopping centre today and it was lovely and airy (air con), and then I popped outside to get some sunlight only to be surrounded by smoking chavs. The exit to every building was the worst as you now have to fight through a hazy miasma to get to the street.

I’m sure there is a clever point to be made here, but I’m too tired to make it. I have worked 70 hours this week, which is a bit like getting two Chrises for the price of one. One of the perils of having all that time off to go to Scotland for the weeding, but it was worth it!


2 thoughts on “Fresh air

  1. I especially marvel at parent who smoke on the school run. It’s an almost impressive level of disregard for other people. However as an ex-smoker, I can’t help but wish they hadn’t banned smoking in pubs while I’ve been having kids. It’s a bit likestanding up for a second and having your chair whipped away.

    • I imagine the price increase alone might put off the would be returning smoker.

      Not to mention that the cheery designs of yesteryear have been replaced with black and white capitals saying “SMOKING MAKES YOU DIE”.

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