Back away… back away slowly

Panther and I were playing with some soft building blocks at the gym. Five of them had letters on and we were excited to find that out of the six options on each cube, there were three M’s, one U and one Y, one on each of the blocks.

Dutifully, we set about rearranging said blocks into M U M M Y on the side of the play area, so that when the maternal parent arrived back she would see them and be amused/touched by our thoughtfulness.

Unfortunately, we were interrupted by another child (a girl of about six) who came and punched the blocks over, one by one.

I didn’t build M U M M Y again, as I was worried I had touched a nerve.

Problems at…?


4 thoughts on “Back away… back away slowly

  1. WHat’s that about electron valency? I’m sure he’d be interested but I’d like some warning before I launch into something which could bore me!!!! Oh dear, the child has issues! Or it could be she has a destruction inclination! There’s a kid at school who just likes knocking things over!

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