In the words of Queen…

“Mama… just killed a man…”

No, wait. That’s not it.

“Don’t stop me now!”

That’s right – I have acquired a phone that lets me blog on the train. I anticipate that this will mean I update once or twice and then get bored.

Also it took me five minutes to override the spellchecker which seemed very keen to render the first sentence as “Mama, just killed a Maastricht.” If WordPress wants my cooperation it will have to behave better than that.

Here is a photo of me on my train:

This is what I would have been staring at until today.

Key points as follows:

1. My ticket, folded over so you can’t see my face. Not because I am not devilishly handsome but to preserve my air of mystery.
2. My knee, clad in a retro 90s suit. Retro because I bought it in the 90s but can only just fit in it thanks to my present dieting.

Until next time, Chrloggers!


2 thoughts on “In the words of Queen…

  1. Nice trousers! No really! I’d like to get my boyf a pair like that!
    By the way, I find it funny that your next post is about overcrowded trains and yet in this shot, it looks oh so empty! My local train is crazy how close you have to stand to strangers!

    • On this occasion it was very quiet it’s true.

      The trousers are part of a two piece Yves St Laurent suit of 1990s vintage. The trousers have more than a hint of Rupert Bear about them. Good luck finding some!

      The congestion I write about in the next post is about a month ago (this is how up-to-date I am with my blogging!) and believe it or not was caused by the Olympic Torch being carried by train in Bristol. Given that I was travelling north in Derbyshire this seemed a little unreasonable.

      Bloody trains!

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