Presumably a risk of getting curly hair

Picture if you will: our scene, the kitchen in the admin part of a hospital where I used to work.

I think someone had burnt the toast and called the fire brigade out* again.

A new poster appeared listing suggested ways of using the toaster, and some dos and don’ts for safe and successful toasting. And above these bullet points sat a worrying headline. “THIS TOASTER HAS BEEN CLASSIFIED AS MEDIUM RISK.”

This is not the toaster in question. But I was fascinated by the egg attachment.

Now. As everyone knows, health and safety (like its brother political correctness before it) has gone mad**. And people who do risk assessments are easy game. But, all else aside, I must question the status of the toaster as medium risk.

Consider what else had taken place under the hospital roof that morning:

1. Three cases of open-heart surgery
2. One leg amputation following a motorcycle accident
3. Brain surgery (possibly)

and so on, and so on. You get the idea.

* being a large hospital, the fire alarm would automatically cause the fire brigade to be called out, in case you were thinking that the person in question was being needlessly cautious.
** note: I do not actually consider either of these disciplines to have gone mad, figuratively or literally.


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