Disney Star Wars

Much like JFK being shot or Princess Di dying, I remember exactly what I was doing when I found out that Disney would be continuing the Star Wars franchise. I was… on the internet messing about, or something. Anyway, I was very well placed to see a lot of people freaking out; a great disturbance in the Force as if a million Star Wars geeks cried out and then were suddenly silenced (by the realisation of how awesome Finding Nemo is).

Luke: “Who’s hakuna matata? Sounds like a wookiie.”
Yoda: “Slimy yet satisfying it is, mmm?”

Here’s the thing. The last four Star Wars films have been rubbish, for various different reasons. I can’t believe anyone is thinking clearly if they are worried someone is going to ruin the magic of Hayden Christensen. Conversely, all Disney films are masterpieces on every level. Fact.

I can’t wait for Star Wars VII.