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Whilst perusing Kezzie AG I came across a recent post which was constructed of letters to people (and one was to me, which was very exciting!).

I thought this was a Very Good Idea and immediately stole it. I don’t know if Kezzie stole it from someone in turn or if it is her own, but it is quite clear that it isn’t mine.

However, as The Chrlog is a very technical, up-to-date place, I have decided to “shout out” and “give props to ma peeps” via the medium of text message. This is a type of short message that can be sent between mobile phones, much like a pager. IM NT RITIN LK THS THO, I DO HAV STNDRDS.

Are you ready? Then we’ll begin.


I am sorry to steal your (maybe your?) idea. Your dalek costume was ridiculously good.


I would buy your shower.


Yes when I was at school people actually owned pagers. As in students, not hospital doctors on call. I am old.

More another time.

2 thoughts on “Chrlgtxt 1

  1. Why thank you! I was very very pleased with my costume too! It is now my most popular post of all time according to my stats! The letter is not my idea- it came from another blog which I linked to in the post, her blog is something or something like that! I like you novel take on it with the short text speak!

    And come now, Ewoks are coooool! I wrote 2 novels worth of Ewok adventures at the age of 8! Bejawawa!

  2. Impressive. My most popular post is Licking a Scone in Muffin Break, but I think only because people are searching for photos of scones.


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