It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas

Hello one and all.*

Tis the season to be jolly, and indeed apologies to one of the legion of spam commenters as I have missed your birthday.

Here is my Advent confession: I don’t like chocolate calendars. In fact I think Advent calendars should be made of cardboard, and tell the story of the nativity. The best ones reference the Gospels, and point you to the relevant verse in Matthew or Luke.

My mother knows this and sometimes buys me one, even though she knows I am a staunch atheist. This confuses some people.

What is your Advent confiteor?


* Or in fact, one. In fact, hello Kezzie!

6 thoughts on “It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas

  1. I don’t like advent calendars because the chocolate in them is terrible. If Cadbury brings out one I’d put aside my agnostic leanings and give into christian chocolate bribery….

  2. Fascinating fact: traditionally, Advent was a time of fasting (similar to Lent, albeit shorter), building up to the big feast at the end of the year. A “chocolate Advent calendar” is therefore a contradiction in terms – you cannot mark a fast by eating additional chocolate.

  3. I think Cadbury’s have advent calendars in the UK.

    Steph/ven, I admit that I rarely fast. But I take your point. Indeed, it takes a degenerate race* to break fast with chocolate.

    * the French.

  4. Ha ha, yes, indeed good use of ostensibly was missed! However, if I am going to do an Advent post properly which is about thinking about what I believe, then I had to go with the bullet-point options, no ostensibly necessary (or thought about- ack, missed another opportunity!) . Was it a bit forthright?
    I wasn’t going to buy an advent calendar but I have been bought one! It is unfortunately chocolate. It is tasty however!

    Next up, I have reading material in my advent pauses!

  5. Kezzie, implied in your “forthright” is “too forthright” to which I would answer “certainly not”.

    If you cannot say what you think on your own blog, then where can you say it?!

  6. Oh look, I’m not your only reader! Now get on and write something or I will be forced to send my hoardes over to your blog! And do come and visit, it’s nice to know you’re reading!!!

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