About me


I’m Chris, and I’ve been writing the Chrlog for over five years. Five years! FIVE years!


Admittedly I have had some fairly long breaks over that period.

I started out as a person who worked in a bank with a girlfriend in France, then I changed to being a person who worked in a bank with a girlfriend in Spain (really this change was the girlfriend’s fault not mine), then I stopped being her boyfriend* and we settled down in, of all places, England, near where we both grew up. Boring, right? Then I became an accountant and things got interesting.

Now I am still married to her, but if she is reading this she should note that she shouldn’t get complacent and should still make the effort to dress up nicely and wear lipstick and stuff.

We also have a baby daughter who is very nice too. She says hi. Well, it’s more like “bbrrrbrrppp!!” but you get the idea.

* I became her husband instead. I did this by marrying her.

About The Chrlog

The Chrlog is a clever concatenation of Chris’s blog. You see? Really it would be better if I didn’t have to explain it. Keep up, gentle reader. There’s going to be some challenging stuff in the posts around 2007 and if you can’t get up to speed now I’m going to lose you.

The focus of the Chrlog (Chris’s blog, remember?) has varied somewhat depending on my personal circumstances/degree of annoyance with the world at the time.

It started off, humbly, as www.fatkidswillalwaysbeatyouatseesaw.blogspot.com and has meandered through the internets ever since. I dropped the initial title as it occurred to me that when I reached the enormous blogging fame that I (still) consider my due, I might be sued by one of those fat people who think they have the right not to be mocked openly in the street.

I then switched from blogger to wordpress because I thought it looked prettier. I think it still does. Also wordpress isn’t part of the (new) evil empire, Google. It’s probably part of another, eviller empire, but ignorance is bliss. Currently on blogger, I only have a page directing to their rivals (i.e. here) so I doubt it will be around forever. Go and visit www.thechrlog.blogspot.com now and live a little bit of history!

Comments are welcome, particularly if they disagree with me. I like a good public argument. Don’t do that scary internet thing where you find out where I live and come and shoot me though.