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Rolling on the floor, pissing myself

Rolling on the floor, pissing myself

Every (old) comedian has a variant on the El-oh-el routine, and although I’m sure one of them did it first, I’m equally sure it wasn’t me. Continue reading

2011 review: My year in… panther

Panther is over 11 months old, nearly a year (on Saturday!). She has come a long way since she was inside RJ. She laughs a lot and is a happy baby. I was worried about spoiling her at Christmas but she seems okay, and I have learnt that everyone else will always spoil their babies … Continue reading

2011 review: My year in… wife

Although it looked dicey for a while, due to her looks, RJ is still my wife. Well done, dear! We’ve been married now, what, three, ten, fourteen years? She is nice. If a vacancy does come up, I will of course advertise here first.

2011 review: My year in… work

Work has been quite interesting this year. I am tired, but this may be due to other things! January started with me failing an exam and the rest of the year has consisted of me taking said exam again and again and again. Once again in January I find myself awaiting the postman. I am … Continue reading

November review

November was the month the Chrenaissance slowed down! Luckily I spotted this and put in a solid final week! It started with me gaining a new reader but nearly mistaking him for a spambot (sorry, dude). Panther started speaking (she still mainly speaks in non-words… this counts, right?!) and I offered to play a part … Continue reading