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Disney Star Wars

Disney Star Wars

A great disturbance in the Force as if a million Star Wars geeks cried out and then were suddenly silenced (by the realisation of how awesome Finding Nemo is). Continue reading

Now in 3D!

I bumped into an unusual poster for Nottingham’s pantomime today, which proclaimed to the world that it featured Joe Pasquale and “special 3D effects!” This raises two questions: 1. How do you add the requisite extra two dimensions to Joe Pasquale’s comedy? 2. Surely all theatre is three dimensional, consisting as it does of real, … Continue reading

Not gay pride day

As my fans in other media (Facebook) will know, I stabbed myself with the pin attached to my World AIDS day ribbon on Friday. Let’s hope I haven’t misunderstood and the AIDS ribbon is to promote awareness, not an actual method of transmission. *** Ribbons were handed out at work and I have been contentedly … Continue reading