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Inefficient productivity

Colleague: Have you had a good day? Me: Yes, I feel like I’ve done a really good day’s work! Colleague: But… you have been here over 11 hours. Me: … So, I’m still operating at about 70%* but I’m having a good time at work at the moment. Which is the main thing. * as … Continue reading

Bad idea

So I haven’t blogged for a while. I have a new job and it is kicking my ass. I still get a regular influx of visitors looking how to fake a young person’s railcard and/or for poems on personal hygiene. New Google search entrants this week also include ‘menstrual cycle diagram’, ‘3d wasp drawing’, ‘steph/ven … Continue reading

2011 review: My year in… work

Work has been quite interesting this year. I am tired, but this may be due to other things! January started with me failing an exam and the rest of the year has consisted of me taking said exam again and again and again. Once again in January I find myself awaiting the postman. I am … Continue reading

Not gay pride day

As my fans in other media (Facebook) will know, I stabbed myself with the pin attached to my World AIDS day ribbon on Friday. Let’s hope I haven’t misunderstood and the AIDS ribbon is to promote awareness, not an actual method of transmission. *** Ribbons were handed out at work and I have been contentedly … Continue reading